Discovering Great Towns
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Road Trip

It's a Road Trip:

Click each image to view the corresponding clip.

Episode One, Clip 1
Kamloops Pow-Wow / Jesse Jacobs

Kamloops Pow Wow

Episode One, Clip 2
Sky Trek Adventure Park

Sky Trek Adventure

Episode Two, Clip 1
Canoeing in Banff, Alberta


Episode Two, Clip 2
A Banff Street Musician

Street Musician

Episode Three, Clip 1
Athabasca Glacier, Jasper, Alberta

Athabasca Glacier

Episode Three, Clip 2
Maligne Lake Boat Cruise

Maligne Lake

Episode Four, Clip 1
Carriage Ride through Barkerville, BC


Episode Four, Clip 2
In Style of the Period

Barkerville 2

Episode Five
Prince Rupert, BC (1st 8 minutes)

Prince Rupert

Animated Footage (from Episode Three)
Spirit Island, Jasper, Alberta

Spirit Island