Discovering Great Towns
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Road Trip

Excerpts from Chelsey's Travel Diary

Day 1:
We just left Vancouver and we've been up since 5:00am this morning.  The Kamloops Indian band is now having their annual Pow-Wow, we've been invited and I'm really, really excited to go check it out!  It's a great opportunity to experience their culture, see their style of singing, drumming and dancing, try some of their amazing food and see what the rest of the day has to offer.  Very hard not to enjoy this day with the sun shining and all this beautiful scenery...

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Day 2:
We were driving toward the town of Revelstoke and saw this sign for Sky Trek Adventure Park.  This is something I have NEVER done before.  It looks awesome...

Click here to learn the safety rules of Sky Treking.

Our next stop is Field, BC, which is roughly two hours out of Revelstoke.  We're heading to what feels like the Gateway to the Rockies, the views are absolutely incredible!  The trains used to stop here because their dining carts were too heavy to get over the Rockies, so they would stop to dine and unload their carts for the steep ride over the pass.  I figured I might as well stop here to dine as well...

Click here to see our crew outside the Truffle Pigs Bistro.

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Day 3:
Right now we are in the town of Banff, Alberta, nestled between the mountains.  I hear this town has a wicked lifestyle to check out - some great cuisine, awesome tourist shops and wild night life.  I hear these people REALLY know how to let loose, so later tonight we'll put our dancing shoes on and hit the dance floor... but first we're going to meet up with Stephanie Andrews, who works for the town.  She's going to take us around and show us some awesome tourist locations!

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Day 4:
I had an amazing time in Banff!  The town has such a diconomy of peaceful atmosphere and wild party nights, but I知 excited to move on and see what else I can find.  Although I致e been warned that I値l be needing some warm clothes for my next adventure...

Click here to explore the Athabasca Glacier.

We were on the Jasper Tramway and on top of the Athabasca glacier, so I thought it was about time we checked it out from the water.  Right now, we're just coming up to the Maligne Lake Glacier, which is the glacier that carved this entire valley.  It's just awesome to think that something we were just walking on could carve something so HUGE!

Click here to view an excerpt from the Maligne Lake Boat Cruise.

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Day 5:
I知 now traveling back in time to the 1800s, to the small mining town of Barkerville, but before I get there, I知 stopping by for a stroll in the Ancient Forest, which is approximately two-and-a-half hours west of Jasper.

Click here to see Chelsea relaxing in the forest.

Day 6:
I just had my very first sleep at the Bed and Breakfast of St. George Hotel.  I知 going to meet with James Douglas in the town of Barkerville today and he is going to show me around.  I知 expecting him any minute now, so I知 going to head downstairs and go meet him...

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Day 8:
This week we visit the rainy city of Prince Rupert.  It's a beautiful morning in Prince Rupert and I'm here at Cowpucino's to meet Monika Cliffton who works for Tourism Prince Rupert.  We're gonna grab a capucino and then she's gonna show me around the beautiful city and its surrounding areas.

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Day 9:
We got off the ferry early this morning, before the sun even rose, and landed here in Haida Gwaii, also known as the Queen Charlotte Islands.  Visitors to Gwaii Hannas have to go through an orientation and receive a visitor number.  We've already done that, here at the Haida Heritage Centre, a $26 million facility they built to help preserve their language and culture.  I'm going to go inside, check out the museum and see how much further north on these islands I can get!

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