Discovering Great Towns
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Road Trip

Episode Guide to Season 2

EPISODE ONE: The Road Ahead
The journey begins as Chelsey, the DGT crew and Debbie the RV start their road trip throughout British Columbia and Alberta.  Along the way they begin to discover all the great towns that make up these two Western Canadian Provinces.  We meet up with Chelsey on the road to Kamloops where she finds out that a town is not just about the place and buildings, it is really about the community.  Welcomed by the Kamloops Indian Band, Chelsey takes in her first Pow Wow and gets to learn a little about the history of the Kamloops area.  Next, itís off to Field to meet the owners of the world famous Truffle Pigs Bistro, but before the crew arrives, Chelsey canít resist a pit stop at the adrenaline pumping Sky Trek Adventure Park just outside of Revelstoke.

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EPISODE TWO: Life in Banff
Chelsey arrives in the picturesque town of Banff, Alberta and spends the day with long-time resident Stephanie Andrews.  Wanting to learn about the true lifestyle of a Banffite, the girls go on a whirlwind day of activities.  After canoeing on the Vermillion Lakes, shopping in the village and taking in the local eateries, Chelsey finds herself saying goodbye to her new friend at the Red Earth Spa where she rejuvenates before a wild night out on the town.  Yes indeed, the Banffites know how to work hard and play even harder!

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On the spectacular slopes of the Athabasca Glacier, Chelsey meets up with veteran glacier climber Peter Lemieux and his faithful dog George.  Along with the DGT crew they discover the beauty of the glacier and how it is quickly receding due to climate change.  As Chelsey continues on the highway, wildlife sightings, waterfalls, green glacier lakes and stunning mountain peaks make it apparent that she is now in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.  Chelsey also gets to explore the peak of the Rockies via the Jasper Tramway, takes a boat tour to see Spirit Island and talks with local Jasper resident Mike Day, owner of Evil Daveís Restaurant, to learn more about the Jasper lifestyle.

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EPISODE FOUR: Gateway to the Past
Chelsey hits the road once more, heading west back into BC, and discovers an ancient forest on the way to Prince George and Barkerville.  In Barkerville, Chelsey gets the royal tour with James Douglas, a long-time resident of Wells and past street actor at the historical town.  From gold panning to attending Judge Beggbieís court, Chelsey is transported to the past and experiences some of British Columbiaís frontier beginnings.

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EPISODE FIVE: Adventure at Every Corner
Itís time for Chelsey and the DGT Crew to say goodbye to Debbie the RV as they get on board the Via Rail Skeena Line and head to Prince Rupert.  Great stretches of wilderness whisk by as the train meanders through settlements, farms and sawmills.  Once in Prince Rupert, Chelsey meets up with Monika from Tourism Prince Rupert and is shown the petroglyphs and an ancient Tsimshian village site on Pike Island, where she learns about the history of the First Nations in the area.

Chelsey is then introduced to Gladys Blyth, author of the childrenís book, Summer at the Cannery, and the definitive history, Salmon Canneries: British Columbia's North Coast.  Through Gladys, Chelsey learns about the salmon cannery industry that helped build the coastal town of Prince Rupert.  They end the day at the cosmopolitan Rain Dining Lounge.

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EPISODE SIX: Finding Haida Gwaii
Day two in Prince Rupert finds Chelsey taking in some Whale Watching.  Once back on shore, Chelsey takes a final tour of the town before meeting up with her Prince Rupert friends at Opa Sushi, saying goodbye and heading to Haida Gwaii, also known as the Queen Charlotte Islands.  Once off the eight-hour ferry, Chelsey does some site seeing in the town of Queen Charlotte before visiting the Haida Heritage Museum to learn the history of the Haida people, and how we must respect and help preserve the land of the Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve.

From there, Chelsey jumps aboard the boat with the Moresby Explorer, a local adventure company that makes their first boat stop at the ancient Haida village of Skedans, located on the northeast shore of Louise Island.  Next stop is Hot Spring Island, where after a trek through the forest to the famous hot springs, Chelsey gets to relax and enjoy the beautiful ocean view the islands have to offer.  After that, itís a hectic boat ride back to the ferry where she takes in all the amazing wildlife and adventures she was able to experience during her journey before heading home to Vancouver, BC.

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